Calso's Cakes

I have dived into the world of cake making and I really enjoy it. I think my plastering skills have found a new purpose and it is a lot easier in the back and arms!
I really do enjoy any kind of creative work so this is right up my street, I love to see the progress from start to finish and standing back at the end with the knowledge that you have made something unique for someones special day.
I'm not a big believer in the words 'cant do' so any designs are possible. A custom made cake to someones specifications really adds a personal touch to a special occasion.

Here are some examples of cakes I have made:

Super Mario Bros cake

Flowerpot cake

Mickey Mouse cake

Rustic garden shed cake

Alice in Wonderland Cake

Flowerpot cake

The Simpsons cake

Cosmopolitan cake

Plumbers cake

Labrador pup cake

Girls christening cake

Boys Christening cake

Dr Dre Beats cake

Disney Princesses cake

Baby Minnie Mouse cake

Baby Shower cake

Boys 21st Cake

Gymnast Cake

Girls Christening cake

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs cake

Pepa pig cake

Pepa pig cake

Drunk Nurse cake

Girls Christening cake

Cute Elephant made from fondant

Boys Christening cake with converse booties

Boba Fett/Starwars Cake

Cute Wedding cake

Panda Cake

Mickey & Minnie Mouse cake

Australia themed cake

Horse themed cake

Princess castle cake
Guinness/Man United cake
Curlywurly cake
Penguin/Igloo Christmas cake
Nativity Scene Christmas cake
Zebra print cake

Steam train cake
Zebra Print cake
Boys Christening cake

Fireman Sam Cake

Tractor Cake

Colourful celebration cake

Ice Age Cake

Clay pigeon shooting cake

Girls Birthday cake

Antique Style cake

Superman Cake

Dressmakers cake

Pepsi Max cake

Cookie Monster Cake

Golf cake

Baby Shower cake

Girls Fashion Cake

Lorry cake

Farmyard Cake

Curious George Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Angry Birds Cake
Boys Christening Cake
Sex and the City cake

Architecture cake

Architecture cake 
Christening cake

Betty Boop Birthday cake
Vegetable garden cake

Vegetable garden cake

Xbox game 'Gears of War' cake

Xbox game 'Gears of War' cake
Manchester United cake

Piano cake 3D
Jimi Hendrix/ Betty Boop Wedding Cake

Boxing Ring Cake

Boxing Ring Cake

Sex And The City Cake/Shoe Cake

Farm Cake

DJ Cake

Dr Dre Beats Cake

Line Dancing/All Blacks Cake

Girls Birthday Cake

Motorbike cake

Simple cake style
Glee/cat themed cake cake
Glee/cat themed cake
Pretty girls birthday cake
Stubborn horse cake
Glee cake

Christening Cake (for my niece)

Black Rose cake

Mark 2 Escort rally car cake

Local GAA club crest
Red Stag's head cake
Fishing boat cake
Play house cake

Communion Cake

Ben 10 Cake with Ipod and Special Olympics Gold Medal

Girls cake

Bon Voyage cake

Pretty Christening cake

Football Birthday Cake
Local soccer club crest
Newcastle United Jersey cakes for twin boys

Flower/Ladybird cake

Flowerpot Mothers Day cake
"Mars Attacks" Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Mario Kart cake (Blue Toad was his fav character)

Mario cake

Mario cake

Orla Keily handbag cake

Orla Keily handbag cake

Mothers Day cakes (cracked flower pots and handbag cakes)

Mothers cake

Manchester United cake

Novelty cake (local business)

Spiderman cake 3D

Spiderman cake 3D

You can contact me through this blog for inquiries or on Facebook and Twitter
Or alternatively on +353 86 3156199 

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