Wednesday, 14 March 2012

One Year Old Today!

Happy Birthday To Me

One year ago today I started this blog site and I gotta say that it has been one hell of a year. I have made a lot of new friends through the wonders of blogging, Facebook and Twitter. Everyone has been so supportive and friendly which is a huge help when you dive into the unknown.

In the past year I have been on national radio station 2FM Chatting to Hector a few times, have had a few different regular slots on Clare FM (with a new one starting tomorrow morning) and been on Limerick 95FM. I also had 2 monthly pages with West Limerick based magazine Insight Magazine and was a taste tester for Easy Food Magazine.
Cooking a BBQ breakfast for 35 at Lahinch Surf Club with Stephen from Clare FM

I also done a few cookery demonstrations along with making video recipes on YouTube. Now I know it may sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet but.... Toot Toot, its my blogs first birthday, I'm allowed!!!
Cookery demonstration

And as for the next year I have my sights set on... it's gonna be a whopper. With a drive of motivation and the passion I have for what I love doing, this next year is going to be very exciting and rewarding... but as for now my head is down and the hard work continues!


  1. Happy Birthday Dude!!! So when/where is the party?

  2. Haha... party on.... but Shhh its a surprise ;)

  3. Happy birthday Paul, best of luck for the next year and enjoy today.

  4. Happy Birthday!! I've literally just realised my blog is 1 year old today too!!

  5. Oh nice one... Many happy returns :)


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