Sunday, 10 June 2012

What A Difference 8 Weeks Makes

Phase 1 Complete

I have now just finished the first 8 week program that I had designed for myself. It was designed to strip the fat away to enable me to run longer and faster... and basically for all round general health, fitness and well being. It is so easy to get lazy, complacent and stuck in a rut (which I totally had)... but for the good of your health and your mental health I would strongly advise anyone/everyone to start a fitness plan. Within 2 weeks of starting it totally changed my thinking, my health, my mental health and my confidence. It was only until I had seen a picture of myself that I had seen how much weight I had put on, comfort eating was the cause!

 During the past 8 weeks I have been eating well, all the good stuff and in fairness I have still allowed myself very limited chocolate and crisps, maybe once a week, we all need a boost now and again otherwise it becomes too easy to quit! I'm human so obviously cravings for snacking have been something I have been battling with, a few options that have hit the spot for me have been popcorn (not the microwave stuff as it is very high in fat, but the one you pop yourself in a pot), marshmallows, almonds and seeds... these all need to be worked off however with exercise but they are definitely the healthier option to chocolate, crisps, sweets etc.
Before-During-After 8week program

I need to now start working on a new regime, It is going to be a 4 week plan and the intensity will be stepped up. I am also going to include cycling and swimming to this, I am not a strong swimmer at all, so this will make it all the more challenging but will also help me teach myself!
Before-During-After 8week program

So here are the stats after 8 weeks:
BEFORE:                                             NOW:                                         ORIGINAL TARGET:
Weight: 14 stone (88.90kg)                      Weight: 12st 12lb (81.7kg)             Weight: 12 st 7lb (79.37kg)
Neck: 17 Inches                                      Neck: 16 Inches                             Neck: 16 Inches
Chest: 44 Inches                                     Chest: 42 Inches                            Chest: 40-41 Inches
Waist: 37 Inches                                     Waist: 35.5 Inches                          Waist: 33 Inches
So I have lost 1st 2lb (7.2kg) (16lb), an inch of my neck, 2 inches of my chest and 1.5 inch of my waist.

HERE IS THE DEAL...... I have a big event planned and will be announcing it in about 2-3 weeks time, it is something I am now training for and will test my endurance to the hilt!!! I started this fitness plan and then made the decision to do something worthwhile with it, my aim is to show everyone that with the right attitude and drive, anything is achievable even if it is a bit bonkers!


  1. Nicely Done Dude! Can't call you Pauly-plum anymore ;)
    Keep up with the swimming, it is so good for your joints and improves your lung capacity as well.

  2. Thanks Cindy :).... em... did you before??? haha
    Yeah finding the swimming tough but great!

  3. I live in Memphis TN which is in the USA. Memphis is home of the Blues, Elivs Presley, Sun Records (Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry& if course Elvis among many late great blues, rock and country music stars recorded lots of their hit "records") Stacks Records and Recording is located just down the street from me and Rhodes College is located. I'm telling you all this do you get an idea of who I am.
    The transformation of your body is amazing , GOOD JOB and extra Irish luck for the up coming run. By the way some of my ansestors are from that part of the world. I hope to one day soon see that beautiful country...wish me luck. I'll be waiting on the final results of your run. Your looking really good. From one stranger to another.


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