Thursday, 13 September 2012

Charity Marathons Getting Closer

T-minus 5 weeks... And Counting

Today 5 weeks time I will be setting off on my mission... 16 marathons in 12 days broken down into 32 half marathons in 12 days, one in every county in Ireland. Some people are still finding difficulty in grasping this, I explain it to someone then they ask things like...
 'What about the North?? are you doing any up there??'... Yes, all 32 counties...
 And  'Are you doing the New York marathon as part of it??'... No, that's in America!!!
 And other questions like... '16 marathons in 12 days?? how long will that take you??... Em, 12 days!!!

Anyways, maybe I have just soaked it in so much that I obviously know what it entails but at the same time its not that hard of a concept.

Training has really stepped up another gear to start getting the endurance levels going, as I'm typing this I'm in the middle of a 3 run day, 2 down - 1 to go them a yoga session tonight followed by a short core work. I have started doing core work every night because a strong core will cut down on the risk of injury (keeping form while running) and really help with the endurance end of things. 8 of the day I will be running 3 half marathons per day, that's 39.3 miles per day so that's where the endurance must kick in. On those days I will be starting my first run at an early 7am-finish at 9.30... 2nd run starts at 12noon- finish at 2.30... and 3rd run starts at5 finishes at 7.30... well that's the hope anyways I'm sure some will take longer but I cant plan for hiccups only deal with them if and when they occur.
On the other 4 days I will be running 2 half marathons per day, that's 26.2 mile. On those days I will start the first at a later 9am-finish at 11.30... and start 2nd at 2pm to finish at 4.30, this will give me an opportunity to hopefully get some physio in and some time in the pool for recovery, if I am even fit to move that is!!

I have had a great response from hotels in the country and only need 2 more to put me up for the night on my stop overs, you can see the one that have sponsored me a room here along with details of my other sponsors.

Well that's it for now, I must go get fueled up for my next run, you can find most of what I am eating for training purposes on my Healthy Recipes page, taking in a lot of carb's for fuel, protein for recovery and the good fats to help with digestion and the distribution of all the good nutrients... this is why a Good Healthy Balance Diet is a must... these other fad diets that make you cut out any of these are not good for a normal healthy lifestyle!!!

Its not rocket science, use some common sense

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