Thursday, 18 April 2013

1 Year On

There are plenty of quick fixes out there for weight loss and getting in shape, but the one thing that will stick is a bit of hard work and determination. A natural healthy balance diet while still enjoying treats, along with a decent fitness plan and the determination to succeed was the basis of my last year.

I had put on a lot of weight since my plastering days came to an end and depression kicked in... comfort eating and excess drinking led to me making myself unhappier with myself... a vicious circle.

This is the last post I make on the whole weight loss journey, it had been challenging but fun, and very very worth it. This week last year I decided to change my ways, I was in a dark place, felt and looked like a different person and I knew that the only person that could change that was me.. and the help and encouragement of those around me.

I took the wild notion of running around and through Ireland, you know like any sane person would do. my training was strict and challenging but I done what needed to be done. The run itself was not as successful as I had hoped, I tensed up and a tensed up body + pounding the road for 419 miles = ruptured tendons and broken bones. But I finished as I could between crutches and a lot of hobbling. After the run was finished I didn't train until 2-3 months later and put some of the weight back on... but am happy to say that I am at my target 12.5 stone weight having come down from just over 14 stone.

So that's it, I'm not going to drone on... there was no quick fix for me, it was done naturally and took 12 months, but for those who want to do something similar... start now and think how you will feel in 12 months time!!

As for me I will continue training... I've come this far to stop now. I feel strong, fit and healthy both physically and mentally.


  1. Phew!!!! Looking Good there Pauly! Well done dude... I am take my hat off to you Sir, you are doing it right.

  2. Great job Paul, keep up the good work!

  3. Paul, great to see you looking so fit and healthy. Thank you for sharing your story and telling it as it is, no quick fix, get up, get active and watch what you eat. If more people took a leaf out of your book we'd all feel much better. Thanks again :)

  4. You looked better in the "before" picture. Cute and chubby. Now you look a bit emaciated.


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