Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My garden

I guess I have had recently lost my way, I allowed narrow minded people put me down, hold me back and keep me there.. I allowed some 'bullies' try to get the better off me by sending me abuse etc. it is easy to let them win, knock your confidence and distance your dreams from your sights. But this past week I have been coming back and it is only now that I am able to put this into words, I am no longer letting that happen, no longer worrying and stressing about what people, who don't matter, think about what I put up or say. There are always gonna be small minded people and bullies who will be waiting to pounce on any small thing we say or do, people who will just be waiting to belittle us or knock us... but that says a lot more about them than it does us!! Anyway, I won't give the fools anymore airtime...

In other news I have been in talks with a very well know and famous national food product provider and will be a huge part of their new re-launch later in the summer so I am well excited about that.
I have also joined the team at Decobake which is an Irish family run cake decorating supplier and is a huge success... I have joined the new Limerick branch as a part-time sales assistant but will also be teaching classes and doing demonstrations very soon.

I have been busy out in the garden lately, I had let the garden get away from me last year but am well on top of things this year so far and a grand spell of weather always helps!
I will have 2 large beds to double dig soon as they haven't been dug well in a few years now... not exactly cherishing the thoughts of it but such is the life of a kitchen gardener.

Here are some recent shots from the garden:

Onion sets sprouting

Strawberry plants starting to flourish

Raspberries spreading

An old water tank from my loft provides the perfect carrot/parsnip bed

Chives starting to flower

Lemon Thyme

my rustic Herb sign

Rosemary bush

My Kitchen Garden

My gate needs a clean up

Cabbage plants

Carrot seedlings

Pear blossom

cutting the grass makes a world of difference

Tenants Required... apply within

I will have a brand new recipe next week... bye :)


  1. Don't let them get to you - your blog is great, your recipes are fab and you're making me think about getting out and planting more :)

  2. Continue doing good things and like your recipe. never mind those people they are just a waste of time.

  3. Don't let the negative people get you down, you have so much that you can be proud of and to be positive about. You have got a great cook book published, blessed with great gifts of cooking, gardening and have manage to change your life around when things were not going your way - something not everyone can do. I bet when you look back over your blogs over the last few years there is nothing but good stuff there that you can be proud and positive about. The people who try to bring you down aren't as lucky and these are people who don't really matter or bring anything good to the table, stay strong and focus on the positive stuff in your life. Looking forward to more good stuff on the blog.

  4. The world is full of odd and jealous people.....best ignored! loved the potatoes with the fennel = yum! I'm doing them this evening for my Dutch friends

  5. I just discovered your site from another who had embedded your video for making flaky pastry. I like your technique and will give a try this weekend. I came to your site to see what else you've got going on. I'm sorry that the first thing I see is that you've been dealing with dim wits. Unfortunately they abound and are probably just jealous of your success. Don't let them get you down. You seem like a very friendly person, judging by 11 minutes of your video and your instruction is very encouraging to a novice cook like me. It sounds like you're on your way to success and if you were local, I would take your classes. Good luck to you and keep positive!

  6. inspiring words to remember :) your photos look great. I love this time of year, planting in the ground and looking forward to the feasting time of summer!! Soldier on

  7. Great blog Paul... Very jealous of your garden!


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