Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Busy Bee

Its one week into October... Where has the year gone to? It has been the strangest year too, so many good things and unfortunately so many bad too. I don't really want to dwell on the bad so we will push forward on a more positive note.

I am blogging now for both Pat the Baker and Super Valu and gotta say I'm really enjoying it, it has rekindled my love for cooking again. I think that the push to get the book finishes and all that came with it made me take a step back from it all, but now when I get the time I'm in the kitchen again working on new recipes. I was cooking at The Taste of Monaghan last weekend and had a blast, I have conquered the stage nerves and become relaxed about cooking in front of a crowd as well as holding their attention with speaking. I loved every minute of it and looking forward to doing it again!!

Otherwise I have been busy making celebration cakes, something I have a great passion about. Here are some of my latest creations:

Figurines are my niche but I really want to dive into the world of stunning wedding cakes, making cakes for anyone's special day is a buzz but when I do wedding cakes you know you are really adding to the occasion. So I guess I may get practicing some flowers!!

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