Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Red Cabbage

Braised red cabbage and bramley apple in cider vinegar

This is a gorgeous accompaniment to any pork dish. It is sweet but has a sharpness that really works. Even my dogs love it!!

TIP: Wear gloves while shredding the cabbage, as the dye can be hard so scrub off your fingers.
Serves 4:                                                                             

1 small red cabbage
1bramley apple
150g butter
150g light brown sugar
150ml cider vinegar
Pinch of ground white cloves
1 cinnamon stick
Sea salt & black pepper                                                       


  1. Preheat oven to 180Âșc

  1. Cut cabbage into quarters, core and finely shred. Peel and core the bramley apple and finely slice it. Set aside.

  1. In an ovenproof saucepan add the butter, vinegar and sugar and dissolve the sugar over a medium heat. Add in the cinnamon and cloves and season with salt and pepper.

  1. Toss in the cabbage and apple coating it all. Place lid on saucepan or wet crumpled greaseproof paper and bung into oven.

  1. Bake for about an hour stirring occasionally until tender and the apple has all but dissolved. Lift off the lid or paper and bake for a further 10-15 mins so the remaining liquid has reduced to a syrup.

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