Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Growing in mid-May


Mid-May and the garden is really taking shape, the strawberries look like they are going to give a bumper crop with loads of berries showing already and the flowers are still coming.

In the salad bed we have harvested all the radishes with more sown, also have been picking away at the spinach, rocket and little gem lettuces which have been gorgeous in lunchtime salads.

We also planted out our sunflowers and god love them they have taken a battering in the strong winds of late, losing 2 but the rest survived and have planted out the only 2 surplus we had in place of the broken 2.

I also planted out the sweetcorn just straight into the ground in their homemade newspaper pots. This was so the roots system wasn't disturbed during planting, the newspaper will breakdown in the soil. The courgette plants have gone out now too that the risk of frost have passed, i had a good few surplus plants over so in keeping with 'crop share' i gave them to family, friends and neighbours!! 

Elsewhere the spuds are doing well and the red cabbage, cauliflower and parsnips are thriving, however i had to re-sow my carrots as first time round they got scorched in that hot spell we had. It is all about trial and error after all!!!

In the greenhouse the tomatoes and the cucumbers are coming on strong and have gotten their first watering of organic comfry liquid feed... it stinks, i mean really stinks but sure so does our tonics when you think of it!!
My father used to say about tonic/medicine 'the more vile it is, the better for you'!

So thats how the garden is at moment... still to be planted out is my celery, celeriac, peppers and chillies. That will be in the next few weeks, probably the start of June. 

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