Tuesday, 14 August 2012

9 Weeks To Go

This is Tuesday 14/08/2012... on Thursday I will have 9 weeks until I start my challenge, taking to the road through Ennis, Co. Clare for my first of 32 half marathons. My God the weeks haven't been long counting down and I can only imagine how fast the rest of the time fly's by.

I have devised a new training plan right up to start day, I can only assume its the right kinda training as its what my gut is telling me to do... and I always trust my gut feelings. I am eating like a horse at the moment, I have never eaten so much wholewheat pasta and brown rice in my life... the meals are not glamorous at all but they are what I need at the moment for this kind of intense challenge. The only supplements I am taking are Whey protein for muscle recovery and Magnesium in liquid form, again for recovery and for endurance.

The IT band problem I was having seems to have eased a lot, I managed a 6 mile run without the strap however I will wear it in longer runs and always have it to hand. my physio Sean and yoga instructor Brenda have been instrumental in aiding that recovery and I certainly don't miss the dry needling at all!!! I only have a few tweaks at moment...  an annoying sciatic nerve in my left glute which really only flares up whilst sitting or driving and my back is a bit tight at moment but a few nights sleeping in a caravan would do that! I am tired a lot lately but that's to be expected.. getting out of bed every morning at 6 is kinda tough, although when I had my plastering business I was up at 5.30 every morning... getting old(er) :)

I had a meeting last Thursday in Dublin with Kate and a few of the girls in Aware we discussed the progress of both training and fundraising along with trying to get funding from businesses for running (excuse the pun) costs... gear, supplements, accommodation, food etc aren't and wont come cheap... I would like to thank Ennis Swimming Pool  for very generously sponsoring me use of their facilities for the duration of the training.

So here is the training schedule for the rest of my training:

I will have yoga 3 times a week too and on the days I don't, I will do the core workout at night that my Physio Sean devised.

So there you have it... a very busy 9 weeks (including normal work and cake making) up until my very very busy 2 weeks running challenge. :)


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  4. I forgot to send my e-mail
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