Friday, 3 August 2012

Calso Cooks On The Run........ The Schedule

I have managed to get 10 minutes away from training and cake making to do a quick post. I spent sometime in front of a HUGE map of Ireland trying to figure out my route through all 32 counties in 12 days.
I am going to try and hit a main town in each county, however some were just not within reach of my route.

So this is the route I have come up with, I'm sure there are more straight forward but this routes but this is the one that suits me best.....

This may be subject to a small bit of change but nothing major.I'm hoping to get some people to run a few miles here and there with me (numbers will be limited). I can forward on a sponsorship form to anyone interested to help reach the €20,000 target for Aware.

Training is going ok at the moment, I'm just coming back from an IT band injury (runners knee). But thanks to my physio Sean O'Meara from Excel Physiotherapy, who has been donating 2-3 session free per week, its on the mend.

I would also like to thank Brenda from the Ennis Yoga Studio who again has very kindly been donating 2-3 classes per week to get my body nimble for the long road ahead.

I'm starting to clock up miles again on the road, but have been keeping my fitness up by through weights work outs, core work outs, boxing, cycling and swimming, and of course clean eating :)

Sorry for the shortness of the post but there will be a bigger update when I get more than 10 minutes to spare.

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  1. Good Luck with this dude!!! Its a big thing you are doing here!


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