Thursday, 1 November 2012

Calso Cooks On The Run- Last Days

Last days: 11 & 12

Day 11: Day 11 was due to start off in Kilkenny city, but with the car acting like a wee cry baby I didn't want to chance extra miles than was needed so we just crossed into the border of the county and done the miles out in the countryside. I had wanted to see the city but that will be an excuse for a weekend away sometime in the new year. It was a gorgeous sunny day, after all it is known as the 'sunny southeast' and it really lived up to the name. Again I was eager to try running but just couldn't, even springing off the ball of my foot was leading to sharp pains right up my shins... 'Give it up Paul' I know!! But I really had hoped for a strong finish, not the finish of an old beaten man... Between myself and the car it was interesting to see which was gonna pack in first!

Then we headed off to Waterford City... again a city I had always wanted to visit, I was impressed... then again anything on the water front does it for me! The sun was out in style as Ciara came with me again, it was a very laboured walk, between the shins, achillies and now my calves being as hard as the road I was pounding we clocked up slow painful miles... but miles none the less! Then it was off to Cork to rest up for the LAST day halle-frickin-lujah !!!

Final Day-12: The last Morning saw me meet up with fellow food blogger Sheila Kiely who has a fab blog Gimmetherecipe and who has her first cook book out of the same name. We met up in Douglas just outside Cork City and took off for a few miles together, discussing food (shocker), books etc. I was so glad she could join me and was great company to kick off the last day... Thanks again Sheila!! 

Then we headed off to Kilarney in Co. Kerry. I was in the Kingdom but didn't feel kike a king... more like a muppet walking around with seized swollen ankles and a face like thunder. Again Ciara came with me to clock up the miles, then we had a quick lunch and a well deserved coffee and muffin... face like thunder even managed a smile! We finished up where we started passing the Nike outlet store where a few weeks back I had bought a load of running gear... running... the word was even pissing me off! Anyways..........
Then it was off to Limerick, it was great to be back on familiar roads again although I didn't really need the shitty diversion half way down the road!!
I parked up outside The South Court Hotel and relaxed a while, I knew I had back up coming in from West Limerick to finish out the last leg. And so the troops arrived, first Ciara's mum Marie with her aunt Noreen and Noreen's husband Tom... then arriving was Ciara's cousins Glenn, Stephen, Linda, Raymond and Edward... the troops had come out in force. We all suited up and took off on the final hobble with Marie and Noreen as car support... something about being dosed with the cold.. excuses excuses!!! ;)

The walk was painful and cautious... not to get pelted with eggs that is but it was completed... and that they say is that!!!
Done, finished... complete... nothing went to plan, injuries held me back, but I finished on schedule all the same, Every county felt my foot print and my legs felt every county.

A massive thank you to all who supported, donated, ran, walked etc.. but a special thank you to Ciara.. unreal support and commitment!!! xXx

The End

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