Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Calso Cooks On The Run Days 8, 9 & 10

Days 8, 9 & 10

Day 8: Day 8 started off from a very cold Cavan. I was to meet a friend there but unfortunately she couldn't make it so I just went on ahead. As I say it was cold cold cold... I was wrapped up like an onion and was still freezing, I didn't warm up once throughout the miles on the road and was a very happy bunny getting back into the car with the heat blasting out. we then headed in the direction of Drogheda where the Louth leg was to take place. we got parked up and headed for a bite to eat to warm the systems. Drogheda was having a laugh... hills galore... cheers Drogheda I appreciate that!! Although the leg was helped with the company of Ciara who came with me.

 My shins where inflamed and very sharp pains throughout the whole walk, it was still freezing and I don't think that was helping with the aches. The route took us through Drogheda center so we called into the Cathedral where the head of St Oliver Plunket is on display, creepy but fascinating stuff. I got some bad news in Drogheda regarding the bucket collection that was to happen the next day in Grafton St in Dublin, the bad news being that it wasn't organised at all... was not happy whatsoever!

After we finished up a very sore route in Louth we headed for Meath where I was meeting another Friend Sean Stagg, I pre-warned him that I wasn't in good shape to be doing many miles but fair play to him he came to meet up anyway. We experienced some car problems along the road to Navan but think it should be sorted now... as far as me and engines go, I may as well be trying to understand the stock exchange!!! So I met up with Sean and we took off hobbling around Navan, the route was short and sweet but it was all I was fit for! Then we left for the hotel, I was never so glad to see the inside of a hotel in all my life.

Day 9: Dublin was the destination where the bucket collection was due to take place but wasn't organised...!! 
We parked up at the Luas stop at the Red Cow and took the Luas into the City center. It was bunged as usual but probably even more so due to the fact it was the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend AND the Dublin City Marathon is on the bank holiday Monday... hence the reason I wanted a bucket collection to take place... anyways rant over!!
Ciara again came on the Dublin leg and was well needed company, Pain factor wasn't as sore as the previous few days but still even walking wast was flaring them up. After the miles were complete we got the Luas back to the car and then headed for Kildare.

We started out in Newbridge and I gotta say I grew very found of the place... It just seemed buzzing and full of people for not being a major city. The sharp pains were back accompanied my very inflamed Achilles in both ankles and full of fluid.

Next up was Co. Laois, not much to report here due to the fact it was all out in the country and full of pain, the mood was not good... The End! :(

Day 10: Today started off in Carlow, it was wet and miserable.. and so was the weather (jokes) my route took me from the Kilkenny road in through the town and back out to where I started from. It was a relatively flat route and I even ran a few short bursts convincing myself that it was possible for me to get back running full routes again... I was wrong!

Next up was Wicklow, I was due to go to Arklow but behind time I didn't get that far. I took to the road out in the gorgeous countryside and again, not giving up on the idea of running I tried again, and again... and again... time to give up on it and just frickin' walk!!
Then it was on to Co. Wexford and to Ciara's cousin Elaine and her boyfriend Bill's house. Bill then came out with me to do the final leg of the day. He showed me all around his home town of Enniscorthy, a lovely town but riddled with hills... AGAIN. It was good then just to relax that night at theirs and I was nodding off to sleep before 9pm so hit the hay early in preperation for my penultimate day on the road.


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