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Calso Cooks On The Run Days 6 & 7

Days 6&7

Day 6: On day 6 I started out from The Firr Trees hotel in Strabane. I was very sore this morning and was relying on the crutches again but the right leg was very painful too and I was putting all my pressure on that too. Ciara came walking with me today as I knew the miles wouldn't be massive with the pain I was in. Poor Co. Tyrone only managed to get just over a mile out of me. Then we were back at the car and moved onto Derry. To say I am gutted and very disheartened by the injuries is a major understatement, I just keep thinking where I would be and how I'd be feeling if I was still running!!! 

We drove to the far side of Derry where I was determined to clock up more miles which I did, 5 in total... most of which was up hill but the views were amazing. By the time I had finished I was hurting all over, legs, hips, sides, lats, shoulders, hands etc etc. I fell back into the car and was glad of a wee snooze on the way to Belfast. We got as far as the M2 and then I took over driving as I was used to driving through Belfast from when I lived in it for a number of years. I drove right into the center and parked under the new shopping centre Victoria Square.

 We went and got a quick lunch then took off on foot/crutch. I showed Ciara the sights and took her up around Botanic area and The Holy Lands to show her the houses I used to live in, then we came back down into the city centre where we finished up after doing over 6 miles. I was feeling slightly better, still in pain but the codeine in the painkillers had kicked in so was smiling!!
extremely swollen
I decided to do the catch up on the county number that was missed due to the hospital so we headed for Newry Co. Down where I managed about 3-4 miles... the end of a long and frustrating day. We then headed for my mothers house in Armagh where we could unwind and have some home comforts!!!

Day 7: Day 7 started out from my mothers house, I had my sister Michele and local man Conor O'Reilly coming with me from Armagh. A friend Roisin Pearson came up to see us off as well and brought a goodie bad each for myself and Ciara which was greatly appreciated. We took off from the Newry rd and headed out the Keady rd, I was moving a bit faster today without the crutches  but by the time Keady came I was in agony and had another huge blister to walk on. Conor left us in keady and was going running back to Armagh... the big tease!! Another sister of mine Majella met us in outside Keady church and Roisin also came out as driving support. We marched on towards Derrynoose where we finished outside the church, it was fitting as my father is buried there and it was on the 15th anniversary of his death.

I went down to the Primary School where I met up with the Lord Mayor of Armagh Sharon Haughey. The principle Introduced me to the kids including my niece Niamh and nephews David and Michael and he told them what I was doing. Then he presented me with a cheque of £200 to go towards the fundraising. We then got photographs taken for the local papers.
Afterwards we went to my brother Carl's house to rest up for an hour and half before the next county, blisters were treated, legs where rubbed and complaining was done.. that was just from my sisters!!

Carl came along on the Monaghan leg along with Michele and Majella and we also had another with us, my good old friend Michael McNeaney who I used to play football with for Derrynoose and is a much sought after barber in Keady. I still come up to him for haircuts when I can! Myself and Mickey had a great catch up along the route and we all finished a tough uphill walk in Monaghan... I was aching by the time we got finished... but it was another day down and another 2 counties to stroke of the list! I was so glad to have family and friends with me on a tough day emotionally, mentally and physically.

pit stop

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