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Calso Cooks On The Run days 1&2

Days 1&2

I always knew the first few days would be the toughest, I have said that from the start.. however I never imagined going through 6 months of training with only 2 injuries then having the same amount in the first 2 days of the run.  anyway I'm not gonna whinge like a wee girl... well not really!!!

Day 1: On the first morning I headed out from My own house on the regular half marathon route I have trained on, this would be my last bit of familararity (I know thats spelt wrong but I'm tired!!!) I had a yoga buddy join me on this mornings run, Ann-Marie Connolly and fair play to her she kept me going the whole way, It was great to have company on a run for once!! About a half a mile from the house was a photographer waiting to take pictures of me running for the Irish Examiner.
finished at home. 1 down

 Then it was back to the house for a very quick shower and change and move on Nenagh. I had a feed of fried rice that I had made the night before, so ate that in the car as Ciara drove.
 We made Nenagh in good time so pulled up and sat in the car a while, then it was time to dawn the dreaded rucksack again and start running (it has a water pouch in it holding 2 litres and a tube that comes around the front to drink, very handy but annoying to wear). I ran in through Nenagh and got several weird looks as this was the first I had a helium balloon attached with the number of the run on it, but I'm sure when they seen the support car it made sense!

 I ended up running to Borrisokane and just a half a mile before the finish I stopped to look in a river (obsessed with rivers for some unknown reason) my 2 thighs and one hamstring all cramped at the one time... couldnt move for a few mins, only roar like a mad thing until they relaxed. I finished out in discomfort then sat into the river for a temp ice bath... wasn't cold enough though.

So I stripped off in Borris and got dried and changed for the 3rd run in Birr, Co. Offaly.
Offally was Offaly awful... about 3 mile in the cramping in my thighs started, long long long story short the whole run was spent in agony, stopping every half mile, then quarter mile to try and massage out my thighs. I walked/hobbled the last 6 mile in the dark through horrible roads... no offence Offaly but I never want to see your county again! Then we drove onto Loughrea to The Loughrea hotel, had a proper ice bath, a feed of spuds and Ciara gave me a rub down... Zzzzzz
3rd run of the day

Day 2: Today I didnt stick to my routes I had planned, I just started from the hotel in Loughrea. My thights were so sore and tender but the cramping had stopped. I ran half a mile then realised I had lost signal on my Runkeeper app and couldn't get it... spent 15 mins messing around with it then had to go on without it, one was not impressed!! When you are used to something for 6 months training It was hard to run without knowing the time, distance, intervals and average pace, so this run was a confusing one. Half was through however a local man from Craughwell had passed me on his way back from doing his shopping then turned and came back to me. He asked what I was at then told me where his house was and said he'd have the kettle on and to call for a cup of coffee. We went to his house, he was a lovely honest man and the break was welcomed as was the coffee. He had a massive anchor in his garden and told us how he came to have it. I could have stayed and chatted longer but had to run, on our way out he insisted on giving me half the Tonic water pack he had bought to help with the cramps... many thanks again Pat Fahey... a true gent!!

 I finished the run relatively pain free and quickly got changed, stretched and fed, we moved on then to Ballyhaunis which was more on our route.
This run was tough, the first 4-5 mile was ok even though the thighs were still very tender but then I started running out of steam... still having issues with knowing how much to eat in between runs, I'd say the feed I had only replaced the fuel lost in the first run so I was fading... I stopped a few times to eat a half a banana or chocolate bar or handful of winegums but it wasn't enough. Then with 6 mile to go I got a horrible pain in my left shin, with about 3 mile left I could hardly put it on the ground... Ciara yet again came to my aid, she spent 10 mins rubbing it/I spent 10 mins screaming... she has been amazing through this and wouldnt have lasted without her. I hobbled the rest but finished none the less. Then it was on to The Radisson Blu hotel and spa in Sligo. Ice bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, feed and bed again. Hoping my body numbs up soon so I can just get on with it.

A huge thanks to all the support through Facebook and Twitter and through people tooting etc.

Must run..... 

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