Tuesday, 2 October 2012

2 Weeks To Go

C'mon Already!!!

Time is really closing in on the start of my running venture if 16 marathons in 12 days. I thought at this stage I would be sh*tting myself and dreading the start but this past few days I just want it to start. Its a weird kinda feeling, I'm not worried or even that excited about it... I'm a bit numb, robotic even, towards it. 

I guess its because I have it drummed into myself since Easter, since I came up with the crazy idea. I have just thought of the whole thing as something I must do... so get on with it. Failing is really not an option! After this is all over I will try and maintain that train of thought in every other aspect of my life, a little regimented I agree but its working for me, its driving my ambitions so why the hell not?!?!

I am a big believer in the saying 'you will never know what your capable of until you push your limits'... Is that a saying even?? (I don't know, maybe I can credit myself with that) But either way it is true... think about it, when you are born you are supposed to be/and are one of thee most vulnerable creations in the world.... yet look at everything you achieve in the first 2/3 years of your life... basically everything from scratch even though you are so vulnerable! You are achieving mentally physically emotionally... so I guess what my point is (phew, you say) is that we can still do something similar at any stage in your life and even better with the positive life skills and strength we have built up over the years. Its never too late to do what you want to do, achieve what you want to achieve, be whatever you want to be... no matter who tries to knock you back or no matter what obstacles seem to be in the way. All we need is the desire and the positive mind set and we get that by keeping focused on the goal!

Well thats my thoughts for the evening... Bring it on!!!

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