Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Chocolate Biscuit Christmas Pudding

I made this Christmas pudding alternative live on Late Lunch Live on TV3 yesterday for Mr Martin King and Miss Louise Duffy along with their guests and crew.It proved very popular with everyone and the viewers so here is the recipe.
Please try this out over the Christmas period and have a safe and peaceful Christmas... Thank you for your wonderful support through what has been a tough year losing my mum. xx

Calso’s Chocolate biscuit cake recipe

This recipe has proved very successful in my cake making days, I took it from a recipe I had seen online but over time I have changed it to suit myself and the result has the ‘wow factor’. It has been my secret recipe but now it is time to share it on!!
In this case this amount will fill a 3 pint pudding bowl, or it will be perfect for an 8 inch round cake tin (if using a tin, make sure to line it with parchment paper).

330g unsalted buttered (room temp)
454g tin of golden syrup
300g good quality milk chocolate
200g good quality dark chocolate
1 packet Rich Tea biscuits
1 packet choc chip cookies
1 ‘share’ pouch Malteasers
3 Crunchie bars

Heat a large heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water (ensure the water is not touching the bottom of the bowl). Cube the butter and add it in along with the syrup and gently melt both down together. Break up the milk and dark chocolate and carefully add to the mix, allow it to melt in, stirring occasionally. Use the butter wrapper to grease the inside of the pudding bowl.

In the meantime, pour the Rich Tea biscuits into a good sized sandwich bag and lightly bash with a rolling pin, you want a mix of crumbs and bigger bite sized pieces. Pour these into a large mixing bowl. Repeat this step for the cookies also. Open the packet of Malteasers (and have one as a treat) also open the 3 Crunchies and coarsely chop into bite sized pieces. Add these and the Malteasers to the bowl and give it all a good mix.

The chocolate should be melted down by now, if so, remove from the heat (using oven gloves to prevent being scalded by steam) and give it all a good stir around until you reach a good even chocolaty consistency. Carefully pour this into the biscuit bowl and give it all a good mix around with a wooden spoon ensuring it is all well combined. Pour into the buttered pudding mould (or lined 8 inch tin), give it a few slams down on the counter top and firm down using a potato masher to get rid of any air pockets. Allow it to cool down slightly and smooth over with a pallet knife.

Pop into the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours, but preferably overnight.  To remove from the mould, allow it to come to room temperature and it should slide from the bowl… with a little coaxing. *you can always line the bowl with cling film to make this easier.


  1. I am just delighted to find this recipe again online. I found it in a magazine about 3 years ago however during a recent tidy up the magazine was thrown out. And it's my Mums 70th birthday party this weekend and I was in a panic that my recipe was gone. Thanks so much. Your a life saver.

  2. Hi. How long does this keep for please? Thank you ��

    1. I find it only lasts about 7 days. But really it's at its best within 2 or 3 days.

  3. can you use Chocolate oranges instead of dark chocolate, does chocolate orange melt ok?

  4. I'm sure it would be fine with chocolate orange. Dark choc orange would probably be better. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate but because the other ingredients dilute the dark you don't really taste it.

  5. Can I replace Maltesers? pl suggest alternative


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