Friday, 31 July 2015

Bacon, Egg, Lettuce and Tomato (B.E.L.T)

Happy Friday, here is a recipe for a bit of a treat over the bank holiday weekend. It makes a wonderful brunch and would certainly help out a groggy hangover. Real comfort food at its best!!


This is my version on the classic B.L.T but with the added bonus of a runny poached egg, hence the addition of the ‘E’. Crispy bacon rashers work well here but every now and again I buy a bacon joint, cook it up and then add it to recipes like this just for a slight change and value for money.

Serves 2:
2 eggs
2 small Panini’s
4 rashers of bacon
1 little gem lettuce
Light mayonnaise
1 large tomato

Poach the eggs but keeping them soft (Perfect Poached Egg). In the meantime on a medium/high grill, grill the rashers of bacon until crispy on both sides, remove and allow to drain off on kitchen paper.
Assemble the B.E.L.T by slicing the Panini’s in half lengthways, place on a few leaves of the little gem lettuce, and add a tablespoon of mayo. Thinly slice the tomato and add a few slices topped with the crispy bacon and the poached egg.

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