Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New life!


Taking a stroll around my garden this morning i can see life all around (even if some of it is weeds)!!
The Garlic is really stretching for the sky...

There is new buds coming onto the pear trees however i still think it will be next year before we see any fruit as they were only planted last year but sure hey, you'd never know..

In the salad bed the Radishes are coming along as is the little gem lettuces, i planted out some spinach and rocket yesterday..

The greenhouse is buzzing with life also, everything that was planted a week or 2 ago are looking strong and healthy and the strawberry runners are producing flowers already!!

I planted some celeriac seeds yesterday in pots in the greenhouse and some rosemary in the herb garden... but remember that all these things can be started off on a sunny window sill inside your house of flat!!

All in all the garden is shaping up well at the end of March and the fallen blossom is only making it look more pretty!

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