Thursday, 5 January 2012

Get Growing

The Best New Years Resolution You'll Ever Make!

If you don't already, then why not make 2012 the year where you make one of the best lifestyle changes you will ever make. I made the change in January 2009 and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was one of the best things I have ever done!

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has never been so easy as it is now, so many people have gotten into it lately either through desire or necessity. All you may ever want from tools to seeds are readily available from most hardware stores or garden centers... even in most supermarkets are getting in on the act now and rightly so!

The benefits from undertaking this task this year will be enormous to you and your family, not only will you save money but you will also have a fresh supply of whatever it is you grow and you will also be spending time out in the fresh air getting great exercise. There is a little work and some time needed to achieving this but it will be so worth it... you literally reap what you sow and there is no greater feeling than popping out into your garden to do a little leisurely weeding or watering and, or harvesting your own fresh produce.

I know that in most supermarkets now you can get most varieties of fruit and veg all year round and at a reasonable enough price but I can guarantee you that you will never taste the likes of your own fresh produce. At least when you have grown something yourself you know exactly where it has come from and what has gone into or on it!

I also know that not everyone has the space or time to have a vegetable patch but even if you have a windowsill there is an array of things you can grow in a window box, from herbs to salad veg like lettuce, scallions, radishes, rocket etc. There are so many vegetables that can be grown in tubs or boxes using some multi-purpose compost... Potatoes, courgettes, sweetcorn, turnips, cabbages, beans, peas, carrots to name a few. also if you have a nice sunny porch or sun room you could have tomatoes, peppers, chillies, cucumber etc growing from a grow-bag or container. In summer grow mushrooms in your attic, its dark and warm just the conditions they thrive on... there really is no reason why you cant do something in the line of growing your own if you want to.

I have information on vegetable varieties  and the best time to sow, plant and harvest them here.
And information on hints and tips on getting started and how to double dig, organic feeds etc here.


  1. lovely blog i started last year some good results some bad just need to get over this cold so i can start improving the soil ready and so some seeds

  2. Hi Linda, thanks very much. Yeah its all trial and error, but dont let that put you off. Look forward to hearing how it goes for you during this coming year :)

  3. Delighted to hear you're growing so much! Look forward to reading some of the recipes :)


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