Thursday, 8 October 2015

Melon and Yogurt Crunch Pots

I'm down with a bug this past few weeks... and every time I feel like I'm getting better I get hit again!! Possibly 6 years of non-stop work catching up with me... who knows! But here is a quick fire recipe with the goodness of comfort food in it...

Melon and Yogurt Crunch Pots

These are a super healthy, fast and delicious start to the day… and not a cooker in sight.

Calories 350 each pot
Serves 4:
1 melon or a melon medley pack
Natural low fat yogurt
A handful of bran cereal
A handful of seeds

Slice the melon into eighths and remove the seeded middle and the skin, chop roughly into bite sized pieces. Divide them among 4 tumblers, pours some yogurt over the tops, top this with the cereal and seeds and finish off with a squirt of honey.

Serve immediately. 

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