Saturday, 10 October 2015

World Mental Health Awareness Day

Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day... What does that mean to me?    Nothing.
From my own point of view it means nothing because at the moment, it is just another day stuck in the struggle over the Dark Side.

Don't get me wrong, I do think that raising awareness is what it is all about, get rid of the dumbass stigma that is associated with mental health problems, however I would imagine that having an awareness day for Cancer (which I know there is, and I fully support as my Father died from it many years ago), but having that day and telling someone that is in the heart of treatment, I'm sure their reaction would be pretty much the same... so fucking what, it is just another day stuck in the struggle! And yes before the trumpets blare and the lynch-mob is called for I did compare the two illnesses...

I compared them because I often tell myself that depression/the black dog/the dark side or whatever you want to call it is in fact the Cancer of the mind... it stops you in your tracks... it affects your life and those around you, it takes a horrible toll on your mind (obviously) and your body and unfortunately it takes many many lives in our parishes, towns, cities, counties and country.

I'm sitting writing this with a crippling feeling within my head and body, I say I'm fine, I want to believe I'm fine but it is there... it's always there... at best it just hovers in the background like a mist that you know will stay a few feet away from you if you face the breeze... and for days-weeks even you are strong and happy enough to always face the breeze. But then some days you waken up and somewhere over the course of a few mins/hours maybe even days you have strolled into the mist, it is there all around you, nipping at you, choking you. If you stay low enough you can maybe escape its poisoning charm, but then you realise it has brought you to your hand and knees and the only slight relief is if you curl into a ball in the corner of your mind or even in reality in a lot of cases... its safety its security, but its not living!

You know if you want to go out the door, to go to work... go to town... even go out into your garden you gotta stand up into that mist and walk forward, despite the choking, the nipping, the negativity, the drama, the gut wrenching anxiety... and I can tell you right now from full on experience, that takes balls!

So maybe on this day or even over the weekend, take a few moments out, text someone, call them, visit... all it takes is a few kind words, a bit of reassurance, a chat over a cuppa... and its not being dramatic to say that you could very well save somebody's life... one way or another.

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