Wednesday, 13 April 2011

April's growth!

Salad bed

Things in the garden are really benefiting from the mild weather and April showers. the onion bed is looking healthy and full of growth and i'm keeping up with the weeding which is a help.

Onion bed

The 2 pear trees that i planted just over a year ago have burst with blossom and i'm keeping fingers crossed to see some fruit this year even though i might not use any of it as it could maybe stun the growth. Sometimes patience really is a virtue!

Pear trees

Pear blossom

The strawberry bed is looking pretty full also and ive got a sneaky feeling we are going to be in for a bumper crop this year as already there is an ocean of flowers coming on them. When the fruits start to come on them i'll lay down straw in the bed. This not only keeps the weeds down but also keeps the fruit clean and out of the soil.

Strawberry bed

On the other side of the Greenhouse the raspberry canes are starting to stretch for the sky. We had 10 canes last year but id safely say they have doubled, which we probably should have dug out and planted elsewhere to stop overcrowding but sure this year they can fight to provide!!

Raspberry canes

Inside the Greenhouse Ciara has been busy sowing runner beans and 2 varieties of courgettes in seed pots.

new pots with courgette and runner bean seeds

Also the mint has started to really thrive but unfortunately the slugs made short work of all my cauliflower seedlings in just one night... Grrr... slugs!!! I'm going to take the chance of just planting new cauliflower seeds straight into the ground in the final bed.

mint seedlings 

Elsewhere the carrots are starting to make an appearance in the raised bed and in the herb garden the newly sown chives in the 'well' are starting go grow through now.

carrot seedlings

Chives growing in the 'well'
So all in all im very pleased with the garden so far. still a long season to come... i cant wait!!

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