Friday, 15 April 2011

Mother Hen.... to-be!

One of our hens became broody last weekend and god love her she was sitting on unfertilized eggs and getting awful abuse from the others. I lifted her out a few times and dipped her backside in a bucket of cold water to take the notion off her but she's a stubborn girl (typical) and stomped around the place making as much noise as possible in a complete and utter huff (again typical).
So during the week i called out to a couple i know in Shanagolden that keep poultry and asked for a dozen fertilized eggs which i got no bother along with 2 bantam eggs too. Later that day i got home and put together a run and little house to put the eggs in along with 'huffy puffy' mother hen.

the pick n mix eggs

In the house awaiting mother hen

The temporary run down at the apple trees 

That was on Wednesday night just gone there so on the 4th of May we should have some chicks.. not all are guaranteed to hatch but out of 14 we'l hopefully get 8-10. It was like 'pick n mix' with the eggs so there should be a good variety.

mother hen doing her thing!

Not amused... face like thunder or what!!

As i carried her over from the hen house to the little house she pecked the hands off me... not a bit of wonder she is the lowest in the 'pecking order'!!!

So watch this space for little chicks in 3 weeks time... fingers crossed, its just a pity she didn't go broody earlier as i have my brother, his wife and 4 kids down over Easter... would have been nice for the kids to see the wee chicks. But i am going to give them a few hens for themselves when they are old enough to leave!


  1. That's lovely, Paul! I had a broody hen last year but I didn't think to put some eggs under her. I'm not even sure where I would get them. I must find out and do This next time! Looking forward to hearing how the story unfolds:)

  2. Thanks Nessa, yeah im quite excited about it all... its like everything i suppose trial and error. :)


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