Tuesday, 14 June 2011

All Hail New Spuds!!!

First New Potatoes Of The Year

I'm very very excited, I have just dug, cooked and ate the first stalk of spuds this year (obviously the actual spuds not the stalk). Man I forgot how good they are straight out of the ground. The earlies I have in are Maris Peers.

I just gave them a quick scrub then put them into a steamer pot, to boil them would be an absolute crime and im personally not ready to commit crimes against home grown spuds!!!!

Now ive got a funny idea shares in Kerrygold  butter are gonna sky rocket because, so help me God i go through pounds of the stuff with new spuds. Coincidently there is a good chance shares in pacemakers could rise too if I keep this up!! 

So there you have it, new spuds and one very happy camper, so much so I had to do this short post to pay homage to the mighty SHPUD!!!

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