Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Bloom 2011

On Sunday I went to the Bloom in the park in Dublin's Phoenix Park, it was such a great experience.
I was particularly interested in the food section and the growing your own sections. I literally could have spent all day... all weekend walking around and tasting all the great samples all the stalls had to offer but I gotta say the nicest thing I tasted was from the Ballymaloe stall and it was so simple, a cream cracker, Ballymaloe cheese and some Ballymaloe cranberry sauce... man I can still taste it (even after a fair share of Dublin's finest Guinness).

I dont know how I managed to do it but i picked the only day that was cold and kinda wet... and being in a pair of shorts and t-shirt I really wasn't equipped for the weather. I have really got the notion that I want to keep bee's but I really need to look into it more. Ciara on the other hand has her sights set in pigs... I guess she is kinda used to living with me for a while (my side of the bedroom is kept like a pig-sty alright). So we were both checking out the stalls which tickled our fancies.

I also gotta say that the whole event was really well set up and fair play to Bord Bia ... Everything was so accessible and welcoming!

We also got a chance to see a live cooking demo by celeb home cook and fellow blogger Donal Skehan, It was great to see and he defiantly wasn't short of confidence and flair. Donal has come such a long way in a short space of time. I got to have a chat to him after it and he knew me from my blog. He was a pro and a gentleman and had time for everyone... well done Donal. In case you dont know Donal has his site and is on RTE1 Monday evenings at 8.30 for Kitchen Hero his debut series.

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