Monday, 13 June 2011

Growing in mid-June

Ok i'm going to have to start on a bum note... I have gone through 3 packets of carrot seeds so far this year and no results! Most haven't germinated and any that has only reached about a cm before dying off... so fingers crossed for packet number 4!!!
Right now thats the grumbling over and done with!!!
I planted a courgette plant in a small patio container just to prove to people that even if they think they dont have the room to grow your own that it is possible this way!

My cucumbers are growing well this year as they came to nothing last year. Check out the climbing structure... I always find it fascinating that what starts as a little seed can turn into this strong intelligent  climbing plant. 

In the salad bed the Florence Fennel is growing really well and i'm looking forward to having some in a fish dish or 2 later in the summer.

Some tiny cherry tomatoes are starting to come in the greenhouse.
 Blueberries are growing well too for only being planted in the spring, again simply grown in a container. As im sure you already know Blueberries are ridiculously priced in the shops so why not grow a bush or two yourself and have a fresh supply in the summer.

During the weekend i got my celery and celeriac planted out in the 2nd bed.

The courgettes have finally come to their senses and perked up a bit because for 2 weeks there they were looking quite wilted.

This time of year, especially in the green house everything needs a regular watering even if you think your are being robbed of a proper summer so far!!

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  1. Hey Ciara - your problem with the carrots is most likely down to carrot fly. My father always told me that it cannot fly higher than about 4-6 inches above the ground so we always planted the carrot seeds in runs between (what I can only describe as) clear plastic fences, about 8-10 inches high. This stopped the fly getting to the carrots and laying eggs on the newly emerging seedlings – it’s the larvae that does the damage. Paddy Carrig


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