Sunday, 12 June 2011

Smoked Coley Lasagne

Smoked Coley Lasagne

served with salad

This dish has become a firm favourite in our house. It’s very tasty and its low fat, which while trying to keep fit helps a lot. Smoked Coley tastes basically the same as Smoked Haddock but it is more sustainable and therefore a more cheaper alternative. I priced it this morning in the super market and the Smoked Coley was 5.99 per KG as opposed to Smoked Haddock at 15.99 per KG so it is a no brainer really, especially if you are on a budget. Just make sure all the bones are removed from the fillets.

Serves 2-4:

200g smoked Coley fillets 
600mls skimmed milk
2 tablespoons corn flour
1-2 fish/chicken stock cubes
2 teaspoons of wholegrain mustard
Fresh chopped chives
50g low fat cheese
Pasta sheets (fresh or dried)
Frozen sweetcorn
Sea salt & black pepper


  1. Preheat oven at 200ºc. Skin and cut fillets into chunks. Grate all the cheese. Set aside.

  1. Mix a little drop of milk with the corn flour to make a paste. Put remaining milk into a saucepan and heat gently. When warm add in the paste and stir, add in the chives, half the cheese and crumble in the stock cube(s). Turn up the temperature until it is fine and hot and add in the mustard, lower the heat again. Simmer until it is the consistency of double cream.

  1. In a lasagne dish put a layer of haddock and a small handful of sweetcorn, pour some sauce over, season well and top with pasta sheets. Repeat this again and on top layer pour remainder of sauce and sprinkle the other half of grated cheese.

  1. Bung into oven for 30 mins. serve with chips or a salad. It’s just that simple!
layer with chunks of Smoked Coley and sweetcorn

layer with fresh or dried lasagne sheets

pour the remaining sauce over the top

top off with some low fat cheese

served with chips


  1. This looks divine! can't wait to try it...thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Kelly... loving your blog :)

  3. Dolores McRedmond25 November 2011 at 14:57

    Going to give this a try, hate sweetcorn so will use peas instead though.


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