Friday, 18 May 2012

Better Late Than Never


This year I have left everything so much later in the garden Than I did last year. In hindsight last year was not a great year at all for growing because we had a great spell over Easter and I got carried away and started sowing and planting out like a mad man, then came a month of wet, cold, windy, weather that numbed and stunted everything.

I do learn my lessons and as I'm always saying 'its all about trial and error' so this year I controlled mt urges to get everything rolling early even with the great spell of weather we had before Easter again this year... It was like carbon copy because yet again we got a clod wet and windy month after Easter. So I am comfortable with my decision to hold off this year and not go nuts!!

So the Salad bed is starting to come alive, we got radishes, lettuce, spinach and rocket in here with room to sow more then these ones get up a bit. Peas are starting to come too and will grow up the trellis.

Salad bed

 The garlic was planted out a few months ago along with the potatoes and onions as not much would faze them at all. i had strawberries in this bed last year but gave them a new location in containers this year.

Garlic growing


Potato drills and Raspberries

Onion bed
 I made 2 new raised beds this year, one is for my carrots and parsnips ant the other is for cabbages and cauliflower, I have left posts sticking up so I can easily net off to keep out the butterflies.

Kitchen garden
 In the greenhouse everything is going well, homemade paper pots for the sweetcorn so the whole thing can be planted out. I also put beds into the greenhouse this year because I find the growbags can dry out very quickly in there.
Sown sweetcorn

Tomato plants

Young leek seedlings

This is really the start of it and it is not too late for anyone else wanting to grow your own, make a start now and fall in love with a great new hobby.

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