Thursday, 17 May 2012

More Loss

Stronger, Faster, Fitter 

I'm now into week 5 of my first 8 week program of 'A New Me' and it is all going superb. Results are really showing on the inside and outside, my clothes are fitting much better and I have gotten rid of the horrible bloated look and feeling especially after eating. I am feeling a lot more energised, stronger, faster and fitter in my training... I am supposed to be doing my long runs each week at a slower pace but am naturally getting faster and faster, which I really need to work on controlling.

I have found that refuelling is so important when losing weight and exercising (I don't want to call it dieting because I am not depriving myself of anything in my diet, I am just eating a lot healthier and am still rewarding my efforts with regular healthy treats along with an unhealthy treat now and again... If you deprive yourself that's when you will fail because you will resent it). Eating the right amounts of carbs are essential because this is your fuel for the body to use. I know some diets call for you to cut out carbs altogether but if you are exercising I personally wouldn't recommend it because your body will dip too much into the fat supply for fuel too quickly, now I know that might sound ideal, but believe me it is not-you will become grumpy, sleepy, dopey and any other dwarf you ought not be... Carbs are what gives your body the energy to exercise and yes, too many will turn into fat if not burn off, this is why I said 'the right amount of carbs'. This is going to vary for each individual.  

Protein will play a huge part in refuelling too as this is whats needed to repair and ease sore muscles.
As you exercise, no matter what kind of way, what happens is the outer fibres of your muscles will fray and break (this is natural) now when this happens the bodies natural defence kicks in and starts to repair the muscle and build an extra lair of muscle fibres, so if we take the protein on board it works much quicker on this process and lessens pain.

So all in all refuel, correctly and you are helping your whole process greatly, If you don't you everything will become much tougher and make you ant to give up... DON'T GIVE UP!!

This week I lost a further 0.6kg, its not an awful lot but its still moving in the right direction plus I am building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. That is a total of 5.1kg, losing on average a bag of sugar a week off my body weight (its not a bit of wonder I'm running faster). Hey that's 11lb and 5 ounces... I have basically given birth to a big baby!!! :)

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