Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Homemade Prawn Fried Rice

Homemade Prawn Fried Rice
This dinner is a great homemade and healthy alternative to a Chinese takeaway. Please don’t feel like it is only prawns that can be used… as I say all recipes can be altered to suit your own taste. You can use chicken, turkey, beef, pork or whatever else tickles your fancy.
Calories 1007
504 per portion
Serves 2:
120g of brown or wholegrain rice
Fresh large prawns, about 6/8 each- peeled and deveined
1 clove of garlic
1 large shallot
1 medium egg
1 slice of cooked ham (optional)
A small head of broccoli
A handful of peas
2 tablespoons of dark soy sauce

Ø  Cook the rice according to the packets instructions. Cut the broccoli into small flowerets, finely chop the shallot and garlic and shred the ham if using it.

Ø  When the rice is cooked, allow it to steam dry in a sieve. On a hot/wok pan add a little olive oil, add in the garlic and shallot and fry off for a minute without colouring it. Then add in the prepared prawns. Fry these off for 2 minutes until coloured all over then pick them out with tongs and set aside.

Ø  Add a little more oil to the pan and crack in the egg, move around and break it up with a spatula until cooked then add in the broccoli and peas. Fry all this off for 3-4 minutes before adding in the cooked rice.

Ø  Continue stirring the contents of pan/wok for a minute then add in the soy sauce, ham and prawns, give this all a good mix around for another minute then serve up into warm dishes.

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