Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Slimming down-Toning up

3 Weeks In, Getting Thin.... ner 

So I am now 3 weeks into my new fitness regime and everything is going great... have a slight twinge in my left glute (bum cheek) but apart from that I'm feeling fitter and stronger.

My fitness plan as previously shown is approaching the half way point, it is strict but I am enjoying every moment of it. I am keeping myself motivated through fitness magazines and films, sometimes all you need is to see a clip or a picture to inspire you to do something physical.

In my training program I'd say the toughest thing has to be the sprint sessions, now when I say sprint, at the moment the bursts are probably at about 70% of my max because I'm not fit enough yet and don't want an injury by pushing myself to stupid limits. Now they are getting a little easier the more I do them but the first time I completed them, by quads (thighs) were cramping up on the cool down and when I got home I threw up! Body shock to say the least but sometime the body needs a good shock!

So in just over 3 weeks from I have started, I have ran 47 miles to date, all clocked by a great free app Runkeeper on my smartphone, it is great for designing the runs you want to do and keeps track of everything you do by tracking your phone on GPS. I would highly recommend it to anyone running or starting out. 

Week 1 I had lost 2.7kg, week 2 I put on 0.3kg now week 3 over and I have lost a further 2.1kg so that's a total of 4.5kg in just over 3 weeks... now they say a picture says a thousand words..

Before & after 3 and a half weeks

Before & after 3 and a half weeks

Here are some of the recipes I have come up with for healthier meals and for re-fueling purposes. There will be more to come!

Breakfast of Champions 

Hot Beef Pocket

Creamy Pesto Pasta


  1. Those are some pictures Dude! Just three weeks? Flipping heck, Keep it up!

  2. You have done really well, Paul, keep up the good work :)

  3. Thanks very much folks, lots more to do but a good start made :)

  4. Wow, keep it up. For me posts like this are really impressing.


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