Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Winning This Losing Battle

I have managed to lose the same as last week, I'm down another 0.6kg. I have now lost a total of 5.7kg (12.56lb) but have still got over a half  stone to go to reach my mid-summer target weight.

The running is going well, I even celebrated by doing 3... yes 3 10K runs today, just for funsies! Well in honesty it was a fitness test for myself to see how far my endurance and stamina has come along. I completed them but yes they did hurt, but that's all part of the masterplan... the masterplan is big, it will rock the foundations of my determination and grit... my will-power and fitness, however I cannot share with you right now as it is still being planned and will be announced soon enough!

the healthy eating is still going well and as always if you only use some imagination in the kitchen, the healthy option can tickle any taste buds! 

Well that's all I'm gonna go on about this week because I'm hurting from the inside out at the moment :) A good pain tho... a pain that says I have done something worth doing!

Here are some more new healthy recipes, and my healthy recipe page has finally been updated... phew!


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